Complete escrow and substantial savings?

You can with the software escrow of
We make it as easy as possible. Arrangement, ordering, and upload of all digital documentation are done online. This is the promise of

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Escrow with a very competitive price

€ 950 per year, all-in.

The escrow available from can be entirely put together yourself online. Firstly you enter the data of both the supplier and the beneficiary into the order form.

EscrowDirect.EU then checks this information and within 24 hours you will receive the escrow contract for electronic signature.

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Ordering Escrow can be done easily online

The order form will provide guidance at every step of the process, you confirm the entries after each stage.

After entering all the details you will receive PDF-document with the escrow contract for electronic signature via email.

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Which services are included?

EscrowDirect.EU provides escrow including all necessary services – a complete active software escrow service, with full support.

  • Escrow Contract: Also commonly know as the three-party escrow agreement or single user escrow
  • Deposit: Digital delivery, once a year. We provide packaging (CD/HDD) and storage in our vault
  • Testing: All materials are tested before being accepted. Only then do they go into our vaults
  • Escrow Certificate: After completion of the test parties receive a certificate as proof of a successful test
  • Reminder: Four times a year an update is requested from the supplier. If a new version is available the materials are updated

Our promise

  • At we speak human language, with no complicated legal jargon
  • An escrow encompasses a contract, materials storage and testing.
  • You can set up an escrow within 24 hours
  • Unlimited support by phone or by email
  • There are no additional fees or hidden costs. You know in advance what you will pay
  • You will always receive digital letters, contracts, invoices and certificates
  • You can ay with PayPal, iDeal or by credit card

For questions you can always call us provides telephone and email support as well as an extensive FAQ section. If you have any questions on escrow please contact us.

Email We will endeavour to answer all email questions within 24 hours

Phone Need an instant answer? Call us on +31 20 30 80 181

FAQ Check out our FAQ for answers to a number of questions