About EscrowDirect.eu

EscrowDirect.eu is a service from Escrow Alliance BV.

Escrow Alliance is a specialist in escrow. An escrow protects against the loss of suppliers e.g. in the event of bankruptcy.

An escrow reduces dependence and the risk.

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Do you need a contract or wish to tailor a more comprehensive verification?

Escrow Alliance provides specialised services such as Cloud Escrow, Source Code Escrow, Data Escrow and advanced testing and storage.

If you choose EscrowDirect.eu as an escrow provider you are choosing a team of specialists. EscrowDirect.eu is online escrow from Escrow Alliance.

We combine our broad business experience on the cutting edge of ICT and business with extensive knowledge of software and internet development.

You can find software escrow with us, but we also provide the following:

  • Source Code Escrow
  • Software Escrow
  • Data Escrow
  • ASP Escrow
  • SaaS Escrow
  • Cloud Escrow
  • ARBIT Escrow
  • Technology Escrow
  • Saas Escrow
  • Source code management
  • Depot Check Service (DCS)
  • Technical Verification Service (TVS)

Leon Hauzer and Sander Remans

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