– complete escrow

Full escrow but with substantial savings? With the software escrow of this is now possible. is a reliable, self-service escrow with the competitive price of only € 950,- per year.

The escrow available from can be entirely put together yourself online. Firstly you enter the data of both you and your customer into our website – we will then check this information and within 24 hours you will receive a copy of the escrow agreement for electronic signature.

This contract is signed by the supplier, the beneficiary and First the supplier is requested to sign, the the beneficiary and EscrowDirect.EU will sign the agrement afterwards. After the escrow agreement is active EscrowDirect requests the supplier to deliver the materials. Delivery of materials can be by mail, FTP, e-mail or transfer. EscrowDirect.EU then executes a TVS Level 1 verification of which we provide a certificate as proof of a succesfull deposit.

How does escrow work?

The contract contains all the conditions and agreements and is signed by all parties. The deposit contains all the materials and we carry out a test to verify the contents.

Escrow from is an all-inclusive service. Many of our competitors have even more expensive basic agreements with even less service. We can offer escrow at a very competitive rate because we keep costs low – you do some of the work and therefore pay less.

What services are included in an Escrowdirect.EU escrow service?

With you can opt for extras. You can deposit software several times or have your goods tested by our people. You can choose these services at extra cost, if you wish. This keeps it simple and you know exactly what you are paying.

Our promise

  • At we speak human language, with no complicated legal jargon
  • An escrow encompasses a contract, materials storage and testing
  • You can set up an escrow within 24 hours
  • Unlimited support by phone or by email
  • There are no additional fees or hidden costs. You know in advance what you will pay
  • You will always receive digital letters, contracts, invoices and certificates
  • Pay with PayPal, iDeal or CreditCard


  • You must own the materials (the intellectual property)
  • Our agreement is standardised and comes “as is” – ie. no specific adjustments can be made
  • Our terms and conditions apply