Example escrow agreement – known by EscrowDirect.eu as an escrow contract

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For me, EscrowDirect.eu are simple and insightful. They have an example of an escrow agreement on their website. I’ve always thought that the cost for a escrow agreement was very high, but the escrow costs with EscrowDirect.eu are just € 749 – all inclusive. It is a fine alternative for escrow.

The purchasing conditions of the Government, ARBIT 2010, were the reason for my search for a suitable escrow arrangement. ARBIT 2010 states that any supplier of ICT must have an escrow arrangement. My client, a municipality in Netherlands, demanded an escrow agreement. I was looking for a 3 party agreement – with EscrowDirect.eu I easily found an example of such an escrow contract.

Escrow and Open Source?
The services offered by EscrowDirect.eu are particularly suitable for open source. Despite the sources being freely available the customer often does not know where to find them. In most cases only the compiled version is supplied to the customer. This is the way we work and therefore I think EscrowDirect.eu is a suitable solution for developers who develop products based on open source. It offers the required protection and is an extremely cost effective solution.

Easy to close
Why make it difficult, if it can be easy. Closing the deal on the escrow arrangement is simple. You fill out the contact information, describe the software and send it in. I received an email within 24 hours with all the necessary information: the escrow contract, the instructions for the data deposit and delivery of the materials for the escrow.

EscrowDirect.eu is a service offered by Escrow Alliance BV, a Dutch escrow agent in Haarlem. I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.

Independent software producer, Rijssen