Software continuity with an escrow agreement from

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My client asked to ‘ensure business continuity’ and advised me to deposit the source code of my software with an escrow agent.

During my search for escrow companies in the Netherlands were recommended to me. They provide a thorough and complete escrow at an extremely competitive price. They are a favorable alternative to escrow agreements by other escrow companies in the Netherlands.

Online Service is a unique online escrow service where I could arrange everything directly. The escrow agreement – or as they call it, the escrow contract – gave me the right protection as the supplier, and solution to the issue of business continuity for my client. After entering the required data online, I received the contract within 24 hours. Once printed, signed by myself and my client and returned to, my escrow arrangement was in force. All parties received a copy of the neat escrow agreement and I could easily supply them with a deposit that is stored in a secure location. Even the payment was online and the invoice was properly sent to the agreed party.

Is there a catch?
Given the price I wondered if there was a catch so I contacted them by telephone. The fact that the contract is a full contract and is sufficient for the most common cases saves a lot of legal work. shares this saving with its customers. also makes use of the back office of its ‘bigger brother’ Escrow Alliance, who specialise in more complex escrow services. This means can save on its overhead and still provide an escrow service to the market at a very reduced price whilst also providing full protection.

With my client always has ‘continuity of software’ and I found it a great alternative in escrow.

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